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Just me -->

--> I'm crazy freaky person. Adore extreme, adrenaline, speed, wind and breath control... Sometimes I stop for a while just to make a deep breath and to look around! The sun has just risen, but I have already opened the doors of the plane and а few seconds later jumped into the sky... like in ocean full of adventures! I'm alive... I like to be me...!

Morning --> Blowing mind adventures & burning blood
Evening --> Full of music, smell of salty air & noise of ocean... ? ☺
Night --> Full of restricted secrets

--> Charming evening near the sea where flickering sparkles are dancing around the fire... Captivating noise of ocean waves & fascinating sounds of flamenco guitar are intertwined in mantra about life's secrets... I still don't cease to wonder how amazingly beautiful our life is...?!

....My LiFeStyle --> Full of adrEnalin...!
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